HEC Need Based Scholarships for KMU Students

Khyber Medical University in collaboration with HEC aims to provide support to needy & deserving students by providing access to quality education through different endeavors one of which is needs-based scholarships. Keeping in view the financial constraints of the area barring students from acquiring higher education HEC has allocated 14 slots for Khyber Medical University, Peshawar in its need based scholarship program. 
1. To provide an opportunity for talented students who are financially disadvantaged and are incapable of meeting higher education costs.
2. To provide opportunities for academically qualified, yet financially needy, students to continue university studies in Khyber Medical University, especially from remote and rural areas of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,

  1. Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at undergraduate & graduate level in all disciplines.
  2. All those needy students who are already enrolled in KMU constituent institutes are also eligible to apply.
  3. The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee keeping in view the financial background of the family of the applicant.
  4. Funding will continue for full program
  5. Disciplines will be kept open. University will decide to include or exclude any discipline keeping in view its grant, program cost, and number of allocated slots etc.
  6. Considering the allocated grant, the university may adjust the total number of scholarships to some extent in order to cover the tuition fee as per actual.
  7. Every student may be paid Rs 6000 stipend per month for the complete program as well as the actual tuition fee.
  8. Only those students are eligible who are enrolled in the First Year/ First Semester.

The filled application should be returned to relevant Financial Aid Offices where the applicant intends to secure admission