Installation of Breath by breath analyses in Sports Physiology Lab of KMU

October 29, 2018: Directorate of Sports, Khyber Medical University in collaboration with HEC and Code Pakistan successfully organised a one day specialized consultation with the students and faculty of the Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, on countering on-campus violent extremism. The main topic of the consultation was special focus on the two themes derived from the earlier National Youth Conference i.e. peace building through on-campus extra-curricular activities and the role of faculty and student forums in countering intolerance and extremism. The consultation was first of a series of consultations that CODE PAKISTAN has planned with the faculties and students of various universities across Pakistan.

The workshop was attended by key faculty members including Director IBMS, Dr Zilli huma and students from all the constituent institutes of the University.  Highlighting the aim of the work shop, Founder CODE PAKISTAN, Mr Dilawar Khan explained the role and need of universities in designing and implementing the national policy for peace in country.

The faculty and students showed keen interest by acting as proactive members and highlighted the key areas of future focus to ads on to the national cause of peace building measures in campuses and country. They volunteered their services for co curricular activities such as medical camps and drug abuse awareness programs for students of other Universities and madras’s to promote peace and harmony.

The students and faculty members of the Khyber Medical University were of the view that although Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in general and Peshawar, in particular, had experienced extremism and terrorism like few other places in the country, the youth was committed to making all efforts required for promoting peace, tolerance, and inclusivity. They called for bridging the gap between the populations of the country educated in modern educational institutions and the segments of society educated in religious educational institutions.

Installation of Breath by breath analyses in Sports Physiology Lab of KMU

October 17th 2018: Khyber Medical University has successfully installed the new state of the art breath by breath analyser (QURAK, RMR, Cosmed Italy) in the Sports Physiology Lab. This new state of the art machine is the first of its type to get installed in the country which efficiently measures the substrate metabolism at rest and exercise. Successful installation and application training was conducted by Mr. Michele Pantoni from Italy. The technology will open the horizon for research in sports and diet induced thermo-genesis and will help the researcher of the University to establish local and regional guidelines for athletes, coaches, nutritionist, Physiologist and Biochemist. The Honourable vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Arshid Javaid and Registrar Prof Dr. Salim Gandapur graced the occasion of

On this occasion, Honourable Vice Chancellor showed special interest in the new technology and assured the faculty that University will take all measures necessary to establish a state of the art sports and nutrition lab in University.